NEW RESIDENT – Getting up to Speed on Sandhurst Shores

Breathtaking sunrises at Sandhurst Shores

As a new resident to Sandhurst Shores, I would like to ask some questions in order to get up to speed on happenings in our community (rather than using valuable time at the AGM). I wonder if anyone can help me with these things. I’d certainly appreciate it.

With thanks in advance for your help,

Chrissa Labeau

  • NATURAL GAS SERVICE – I understand that someone is working on trying to get natural gas service brought into the area. Will there be an update on this at the AGM? Is there anything I need to do in the meanwhile (i.e. sign petition, provide assistance)?
  • ENTRANCE AT SANDHURST SHORES DRIVE – I notice that we have a broken light, broken community notice board cover and broken newspaper box there. Is vandalism a regular occurance in this area or were these things a one-off? FYI- I am getting a new plexi-glass cover for the notice board and will contact Kristi as soon as I pick it up in Hamilton. I have also emailed the Napanee Guide about replacing the door on the newspaper box. Are there any plans to repair/replace the light? Also, would it be alright for me to contact Greater Napanee township to ask for a streetlight to be installed on #33 Highway at Sandhurst Shores Drive?
  • AGENDA FOR AGM – Is there an agenda circulated ahead of the AGM outlining topics being discussed at the meeting?
  • MINUTES OF LAST AGM (OR LAST MEETING) – Are minutes from the last meeting circulated to members? If so, can I please have a copy so that I can catch up on things?
  • MEETINGS DURING THE YEAR – Are there other regular or called meetings during the year, in addition to the AGM, for arising ideas/issues/business for the community?

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  1. Natural Gas – investigated and too expensive. We would each have to invest $10,000 before they would trench through the rock to get it here.

    There will be a spring cleanup. And repairs to the lights and wall are being discussed by the executive. Thanks for volunteering to pick up the new plexiglass!!

    The Spring Newsletter is about to go out with the 2019 AGM Agenda. 2018 AGM minutes are on the Documents page.

    We don’t really have other meetings other than executive meetings. These are announced in the Calendar.

    1. Chrissa – if you have any issues and/or concerns, you can always contact the executive at our mailbox – The Napanee Beaver broken box (yellow box) occurred 3 years ago when the tornado touched down. I’m not certain if anyone has ever contacted The Beaver to see if we can get a replacement. If you would like to contact them, that would be great!

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