Guidelines for Approaching Trespassers in the Park

private property sign

Percy Clarkson Park is private property jointly owned by The Sandhurst Shores Ratepayers members and its Board of Directors. The Ontario Trespass to Property Act, 1990, governs our legal right to exclude the general public from the park. Guests of members are permitted. Any member may ask a person to verify their right to be in the park. If a request to leave is not obeyed, police may legally be asked to assist.

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Fairies Active in Sandhurst Shores

Doug and I were “fairied” today. We had been dealing with an issue and to have this surprise arrive at our doorstep put BIG SMILES on both of us. So if the fairy and her driver live in Sandhurst – Thank You, and we will pay it forward, somehow.

Have you been fairied?

Second Wall Up

The weather held up for the raising of the second wall for our garage and once again our Sandhurst Shores community arrived and had the wall up in seconds. ..then it was party time. Thanks again to everyone who came to help and to those who came to be the cheering section and helped make this a fun social event. And of course a big thank to Sharen Rieger for her terrific photos.

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First Wall Up

David and I contacted, on short notice, many of our neighbours and friends to help us raise the first, and heaviest, wall of the new garage we are building. Everyone came and it was up in minutes…. I was amazed! We also had excellent advice on how to do this easily and safely. We have such a supportive community here in Sandhurst Shores. Thank you all so much. The photos were taken by Doug Ackerblade.

Another picture here…