Edit My Profile? – What’s up with that?

NOTE: Everything in this post is optional. Ignore it if you wish.

Edit My Profile

By default this website only displays your username to other members. However, you can choose to add more personal information…it’s entirely up to you. Also, there are several options you can configure. It all depends on how you set up your profile. Mouse-over your username in the upper right corner to reveal the link. Then, if you change anything, don’t forget to click “Update Profile” at the bottom of the page.

The Profile Editor

The Dashboard is the “behind the scenes” area of the website where you compose posts and upload pictures. The Profile Editor is also in the Dashboard. Your profile has six sections: Personal Options, Name, Contact Info, About Yourself, Account Management, and Avatar.

Personal Options

  • Visual Editor (Default = unchecked)
    This affects how you compose posts. By default you may switch between a visual editor (what you see is what you get) and an HTML code view editor (what you see is gobbledygook). Checking this option TURNS OFF the visual editor so leave this unchecked!!
  • Admin Colour Scheme (Default = black, gray and blues)
    Choose from eight colour schemes. Nifty, eh?! Only affects the Dashboard not the front end of the website.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts (Default = unchecked)
    If you are comfortable with keyboard shortcuts during editing then definitely check this one. The link beside goes to a description of all shortcut keys.


  • Username (Required – cannot be changed)
  • First Name and Last Name (Default = blank)
    When you fill this in you give us permission to use it.
  • Nickname (Default = your username)
    Self explanatory, right Jim Bob?
  • Display name publicly as (Default = username)
    If you have filled in other name fields you can also choose how the website displays your name.

Contact Info

Email (Required)
You can change your email address however it must be unique from all others on the website. NOTE: Email addresses are not displayed but are used for admin purposes, such as “Forgot Your Password?”

Website (Default = blank)
Have a personal or business website? You can enter it here.

About Yourself

Biographical Info (Default = blank)
This is where to put personal information you choose to share with other members: short biography, street address, email and/or phone number. This will be displayed on the Website Members page.

Profile Picture (Default = blank)
Ignore this…see Avatar farther down.

Account Management

New Password
The Generate Password function creates VERY strong passwords. They are cryptic so copy them somewhere safe for reference. You may override the generate function and enter a password of your choosing. NOTE: strong passwords make the site safer.

Sessions (Ignore: Not used on this site)


Image (Default = blank in comments;  TSSR Logo on Members list)
Avatar images are small, square images of anything: you, your pet, an abstract painting, etc. We suggest, for a member-based site like this, a picture of yourself. But seriously, put in your goldfish if you wish.

Don’t forget to click “Update Profile” at the bottom of the page!

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