Guidelines for Approaching Trespassers in the Park

Percy Clarkson Park is private property jointly owned by The Sandhurst Shores Ratepayers members and its Board of Directors. The Ontario Trespass to Property Act, 1990, governs our legal right to exclude the general public from the park. Guests of members are permitted. Any member may ask a person to verify their right to be in the park. If a request to leave is not obeyed, police may legally be asked to assist.

Confrontations with trespassers can easily escalate. A challenged member may also feel unduly offended. Our community is large enough that not all individuals in member households are recognized. If uncertain, ask a board member to handle the situation.

Here is a process to handle a potential trespass without causing embarrassment or conflict:

  1. Approach in a friendly, non-confrontational manner and always introduce yourself.
  2. Ask for their name if they do not reciprocate.
  3. Ask politely their address in the community.
  4. If not from Sandhurst Shores, ask the address they are visiting in the community.
  5. If they are from Sandhurst Shores or are a guest, welcome them and leave.
  6. If not a resident or guest, advise that the park is posted Private Property at the park entrances and politely ask them to leave. If they refuse, leave quietly and call the police.
  7. NOTE: Despite the address provided being in Sandhurst Shores they may not be members. Follow up by asking the membership chair to check their status. If appropriate, she will then approach them to join.

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