Hello TSSR Member!

Welcome to The Sandhurst Shores Ratepayers website. Site members may post on the home page and comment on anything…but you must be logged in. Anyone resident in Sandhurst Shores may request an account from the webmaster.

Here are the account guidelines:

  1. usernames:
    • If one account for two occupants: FirdtnameFirstnameStreetnumber, e.g. DavidKate212
    • If separate occupant accounts: FirstnameStreetnumber, e.g. Kate212
  2. passwords: Whatever you choose…use the Forgot your password? link on the login page to create or to change your password. Please use strong passwords.
  3. email addresses: Each account must have a unique email address. If your family shares a single e-address then you must share a single website account.
  4. Can each household member have a website account? Yes, as long as each household member has a distinct email address (see 3 above).
  5. Can anyone create a post? Yes but you must be logged in. If you are comfortable with computers you can create a new post yourself. If not, send your post by email to the site administrator.
  6. Can I comment on other members’ posts? Yes if you are logged in. All site members can comment on anything.
  7. Are post and comments moderated? Yes. Posts or comments with foul language or abusive content will be removed by the webmaster.
  8. How do I learn about creating a post? This site is built with WordPress.   Read this nice tutorial…

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  1. And remember to fill out your profile information and upload a photo of yourself. Mouse-over your name in the upper right corner and click “Edit My Profile”. Way cool!!

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