How To Pay Your Annual Fee

You can fill out the 2020 Membership Application and pay your $100 TSSR Membership Fee online (COVID-19 safe!), or still use the old-fashioned printed form with cash or cheque.

  1. Fill out the online 2021 membership application, or
    Download, print and complete the hard copy 2021 application form
  2. Send $100 by Electronic Funds Transfer to (EFT is sometimes called e-Transfer). For EFT use any question you wish, but ALWAYS set the answer to: TSSR1947, or
    drop off the form, cash or cheque (payable to The Sandhurst Shores Ratepayers) at Kristi’s, 110 Shore Drive. (Be COVID-19 safe: put it all in one envelope and leave it on the threshold after knocking.)

People have had fun with the EFT question. Be creative. But always make sure the answer is “TSSR1947” all caps.

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