Newspaper Boxes at Sandhurst Shores Entrance

— Update, December 2019: V.P. David Morgan has repaired the box and it is back in it’s spot beside our bulletin board. —

The broken yellow newspaper box at the entrance to Sandhurst Shores does not belong to either the Napanee Guide or Napanee Beaver. The Napanee Beaver is using that box but rep Jane Wright says they do not want to tamper with it since it is not theirs.

In order to continue to receive copies of the Napanee Beaver, I propose the following. I can go buy a piece of plexi-glass to replace the broken door on the yellow box if someone can volunteer to install it. Meanwhile, the Napanee Beaver delivery rep will place newspapers in a plastic bag within that yellow box to keep them dry and prevent them from blowing away.

Anyone willing to install a new plexi door on the yellow box?

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  1. David spoke with Tony and it was agreed we should fix the box as no one has taken ownership for it. The Beaver also didn’t put the papers in plastic bags as stated… so David ordered the hinges and will pick up some plexi glass and will repair the box. We have the box here and left a sign at its original location so the Beaver rep will be aware of why its gone temporarily.

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