Sandhurst Shore’s Corn Roast 2019

Thanks to all who came to the Sandhurst Shores 2019 Annual Corn Roast and made it a huge success once again. We had a huge crowd and the food was as spectacular as usual. Even the harvest moon made an appearance while we all enjoyed a fabulous campfire with friends, neighbours and full tummys. Here are a few photos I took of our event and more are on the way. Cheers Kate Morgan

Our cooking crew. Vice President David Morgan, Dave Faskin and Andre Campbell. Thanks for all your hard work and BBQing expertise!
Lots and lots of food for the Pot Luck part of the feast.
Even the kids ate salad!
hmmm.. is there an app for how long to cook the corn? 🙂
Yes these are filled with wine….
Hamburgs, corn on the cob and hot dogs…. yummy!
Ready for more corn!
Al you make a great server!
As Doug put it… “we still have teeth” 🙂
Friends and neighbours.
“Can I have some of your’s?”
“Corn’s ready!”
How can you smile at such a fun party!

Feasting and visiting.

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