Halloween Spirits

My brother-in-law in Ottawa has a fun tradition on their street where they hand out a small taste of wine to the adults that are taking their kids around for trick or tricking. Is anyone else interested in trying this out this Halloween ?

200 Elmwood will be participating. If anyone else wants to join in list your address.

Guidelines for Approaching Trespassers in the Park

private property sign

Percy Clarkson Park is private property jointly owned by The Sandhurst Shores Ratepayers members and its Board of Directors. The Ontario Trespass to Property Act, 1990, governs our legal right to exclude the general public from the park. Guests of members are permitted. Any member may ask a person to verify their right to be in the park. If a request to leave is not obeyed, police may legally be asked to assist.

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Fairies Active in Sandhurst Shores

Doug and I were “fairied” today. We had been dealing with an issue and to have this surprise arrive at our doorstep put BIG SMILES on both of us. So if the fairy and her driver live in Sandhurst – Thank You, and we will pay it forward, somehow.

Have you been fairied?

Public Notice: Town of Greater Napanee Council authorizes Financial Relief Measures for the Greater Napanee Community

This is a reprint of a post on Monday March 30, 2020 on the Napanee website The garbage/dump information was updated in this post.

Please be advised that at the Electronic Special Meeting of Council on Friday, March 27, 2020, Town Council authorized the following financial relief measures for the Town of Greater Napanee Community, effective immediately until further notice:

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The Warming Centre is looking for new volunteers!

The Warming Centre is looking for new volunteers!  The requirements include taking this training and having a valid CPIC, and then being willing to take shifts through the night (7pm to 1am or 1am to 7am) at the centre.   Each evening is covered with a staff member and two volunteers at all times, providing friendly faces and some company to less fortunate folks with nowhere else to go.  If any questions, feel free to contact the centre directly or ask Janice or Rob Hall.

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Sandhurst Shore’s Corn Roast 2019

Thanks to all who came to the Sandhurst Shores 2019 Annual Corn Roast and made it a huge success once again. We had a huge crowd and the food was as spectacular as usual. Even the harvest moon made an appearance while we all enjoyed a fabulous campfire with friends, neighbours and full tummys. Here are a few photos I took of our event and more are on the way. Cheers Kate Morgan

Our cooking crew. Vice President David Morgan, Dave Faskin and Andre Campbell. Thanks for all your hard work and BBQing expertise!
15 more pictures…